#Support project. The life story of a legendary Lithuanian traveler

2014 06 21 – 2014 07 19  –   Support project. The life story of a legendary Lithuanian traveler.

“Antanas Poška – a man of the world from the village of Gripkeliai”.
Mission, action plan: To advance public interest through creating a public benefit. To preserve the history of Lithuanian culture and pass it on to future generations.
Creation of documentary films.
Project goals: We wish to perpetuate the life work of Antanas Poška and to spotlight the artistic legacy he has left behind. To familiarize the people with his incredible and unique personality and show his achievements in Lithuania and throughout the world. Bring to light his previously unpublished works and ideas, and to collaborate with other enthusiasts who have any information about the life and work of the Antanas Poška. To repeat the journey by motorbikes as Antanas Poška did and to make the video documentary publicly available.
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